2009 – Luis LM Aguiar and Shaun Ryan: “The Global Geographies of the Justice for Janitors.”

Geoforum 40 (6) (Nov) 2009: 949-958. (9 pages in a journal style of double columns per page) This article is in a special issue dedicated to: Labour Geographies: Negotiating Scales, Strategies and Future Directions.

2006 – Luis LM Aguiar and Andrew Herod (editors): The Dirty Work of Neoliberalism: Cleaners in the Global Economy. Basil Blackwell: Oxford.

Chapters by: Andrew Herod and Luis LM Aguiar (Introduction + 3 section overviews); Luis LM Aguiar; Andries Bezuidenhout and Khayaat; Shawn Ryan and Andrew Herod; Patricia Tomic, Ricardo Trumper and Rodrigo Hidalgo Dattwyler; Alyson Brody; Ana Maria Seifert, and Karen Messing; Karen Sogaard, Anne Katrine Blangsted, Andrew Herod and Lotte Finsen; Sheila Rowbotham; Marcy Cohen; Lydia Savage.